Raising much needed funds for Doctors Without Borders (MSF / Medicins sans Frontieres)


Supplying Medical Aid Where It Is Needed Most

It is easy to write inspiring words to define an organisation’s mission – it is much harder to put those principles in to practice. At the core of MSF’s identity is a commitment to independence, neutrality and impartiality.

These ideals have driven every aspect of our work – from medical care and logistics to finance and communications – since MSF was established in 1971.

Our commitment to these principles, and the impact of the organisation built on them, was recognised in 1999 when MSF was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

I am raising much-needed funds for MSF.

How Can You Help Us

Run an event, invite me to speak or donate …

Our Fundraising team is dedicated to providing the highest standard of care to our supporters, without whom MSF’s work would simply not be possible.

In recent years, your support has enabled MSF to significantly expand our programmes in the field, reach more people in need, respond faster to emergencies, broaden the range of medical services we provide and improve the quality of our medical care.

We are committed to expanding our reach in the years to come, and your support is the foundation of this.

Fundraisers like you are vital. Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to provide life-saving medical care where it’s needed most, so we want to do whatever we can to support you.

Your donation matters: 100 percent of our donations come from people like you, and 84 percent is spent on helping people who need it most.

On any day there are some 31,000 inspiring doctors, nurses, logisticians and other project staff working for MSF overseas. They save lives in the most extreme places, offering hope and care to people facing disasters.

When they’ve returned home, many of them are happy to share their stories and talk about the reality of life working for MSF.

If you’d like to request a speaker for an event, fill in the form below and we’ll do our best to help. We are charity fundraisers for MSF but my partner has worked in the Ebola clinics of Sierra Leone, South Sudan and others for MSF.

Welcome to our online resources for schools. Here you can find information about MSF UK for use in the classroom.

We are the world’s leading independent medical humanitarian aid organisation working in over 60 countries around the world. We provide emergency medical aid in countries affected by warnatural disasters, or disease. MSF has developed a number of resources for teachers and students from across the UK who want to know more about our work.

Working with teachers and a subject association MSF has developed a series of multi-media teaching and learning materials for A level BiologyA level GeographyFrench and Spanish language study. Can we come to your school and speak?


My Blog

Pennsboro to Marshfield, Missouri 

Day 46 60 miles  I woke up tired this morning, I'd hardly slept. I also felt guilty for leaving Ginge our lovely cat. He'd sat by the door all night, waiting for us to wake up. Feeling really tired and guilty isn't a good thing when you know there are plenty of...

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Pittsburg to Pennsboro, Missouri State 6!

Day 45  59 Miles  We've passed into Missouri! State number 6 and we're being chased out by this! So, best take cover and get the map out. We don't want to pitch the tent in the rain or sleep outside with the possibility of becoming water logged.  Sadly,...

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Emmanuel Lutheran Church near Walnut to Pittsburgh, Kansas

Day 45 33 Miles Mostly very wet and windy. Cycling started out with head on blustering winds, along with rain that felt like pins stabbing at my skin. A slow 3 miles per hour! Fortunately, it is going to be a short ride. This was decided last night and without knowing...

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Toronto to Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Walnut Kansas

Day 43 Long and hot day, with wind at our sides and 72 miles under our belts! Including 3 potential dog attacks (domestic dogs). Our day started later than usual around 0900 hrs. Setting off this late can be tricky because it gets hotter as the day continues. The...

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Rosalia to Toronto, Kansas

Day 42 43 Miles Today started around 0600 to beat the sun waking up. With around twenty miles travelling east to Eureka we pushed on, rolling up and down the Kansas hills. We arrived around 0800 and were on the look out for breakfast. Whilst we sat eating ice lollies...

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Newton to Rosalia, Kansas

Day 41 58 miles Today, I was the navigator. I took control of the map. We didn't get lost and we didn't make a wrong turn ( but then this is Kansas and we didn't make any turns). The Trans American Bicycle Trail maps are pretty straight forward, that's if you know...

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Nickerson to Newton, Kansas

Day 40 49 miles Late start @ 0900 because we got talking to June and Martin a fellow cyclist and hilarious Scotish guy - very dry sense of humour! I found him magnetic. Quote Martin 'What a doughnut'. So the ride today.. The Trans America Trail to Newton was an easy...

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Larned to Nickerson

Day 39 59 Miles Up for 0700 98 degrees Fahrenheit The ride out of Larned on highway 19 started with a gloomy sky and head on winds! This made the ride difficult, so I plugged my earphones into an audio book called There's no place like here by Cecelia Ahern, to block...

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Thank you for your amazing support!!

I just want to say a HUGE Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments on my blog. It can be difficult to get onto the internet and just posting my blog can be a challenge. The service here isn't always available. I want to say that I've just read around 100...

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Day off in Larned, Kansas – letting my (our) hair down 

A day off to collect some strength because cycling in the heat and over a long distance, day after day takes its toll. We were ready for a break. It's been six days since our last rest day in Pueblo. Today was immensely hot - 110 degrees Fahrenheit in Larned. Last...

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Ness City to Larned, Kansas – Independence Day

65 miles Day 37 Up and out later than intended @ 0700 - feeling really tired and ready for a break and why not take sometime out this evening to celerbrate American Indendance Day. The first part of the day was lovely and cool with some fog. In part this was amazing...

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Leoti to Ness City, Kansas Oz 

Day 36 79 miles So the theme of today is The Wizard of Oz! So, here's how the story goes. The tornado didn't come but then I didnt want to be whisked away into the magical land of Oz , however WE are following the yellow stipy road towards Ness City in Kansas, and ......

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