Day 67

60 miles 

I woke up puffy eyed and a little damp but ready for a days ride. Eric gave us a call of ‘Are you up ‘ from outside our tent. 

We had breakfast together with Eric and Mary-Ellen, Eric cooked and made me a cup of tea which was amazing. I’m not use to tea – pure luxury! 

We were treated with kindness. 

We said our goodbyes and went on our way down the road. After around twenty miles we took the tent out to air. Soggy tents aren’t good to sleep in. 

Unfortunately, we had to hit the highways today the 901 and 61. This was alright because the other vehicles moved over slightly. Nothing to worry about. 

The countryside was filled with dense woodland, with farm buildings scattered inbetween. 

Andy became a little lightheaded this afternoon, maybe he hadn’t taken on enough fluid. However, a truck pulled over and David stood there wearing  his cowboy hat asking if we were alright. Without hesitation this guy offered cold drinks and we gladly accepted. Really amazing! 

Yes the sign says – Christmas Tree Farm. They have hundreds of pine trees all ready for the November sale. The farm was picture perfect. 

The pine trees nearly ready for Christmas. 

Beautiful trees lining our route. 

Finding a small clearing in some secluded woodland – we pitched our tent. 

As I’m writing this I can hear the woodland creatures making noises – insects sounding similar to hundreds of crickets singing, along with other noises from animals waking up. They are becoming louder. 

I hope I can turn the sound off in my head. 

Our supper was some yummy berries that Andy picked from the bushes.