Day 51

45 muggy miles! 

Today we’ve made it to state number 7.Chester, Illinois is the land of Popeye. More of this later! 

Firstly, the route to Chester. 

The Trans America Cycle route took us up some climbs and decents similar to the Ozarks. But,the ride was a lot easier than the route from Eminence to Centerville and the decents were a lot more fun! I smiled and laughed, as we picked up speeds upto 30 mph!! 

On route we met this lovely donkey. He came over for a friendly stroke. I couldn’t resist! 

The route also took us past a couple of brewery’s and vineyards. 

Then, before too long we arrived in Chester and that’s when there was an explosion of Popeye the sailor man! He is all over the town! 

He’s in the streets. 

This guys in the shops. 

However, Chester is also famous for the Missisippi river. We cycled over this when we entered the town. 

Time to reflect at the Missisippi bridge.

Tonight we’ll be sleeping over at Eagles Bicycle Shack. The accommodation is very basic but at least we have a fan. 

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