43 Miles of Ozarks! 😁

Day 48

As you may see from the picture today was tough! My face can’t hide from the truth. I’m guilty as charged and the Ozarks aren’t for the faint hearted. In truth I’m not sure I could have managed these if they’d been at the beginning of the ride.

We are challenged with each climb and descent ! But the cycle ride isn’t a walk in the park – right? My hip started to hurt today. There are  however bonuses too and I’m not complaining because I’m a lot fitter (and thinner ) for it. 

The Trans Am continued east starting on highway 17 and changing to the 106 today, passing some truly beautiful countryside. Sometimes I  have to remind myself to look up and around and do nice things like smell the flowers- so today I did just that. 

We passed through a couple of small populated towns, stopping at Summersville with a population of 500. Again we had ice lollies and enjoyed their air conditioning before getting back on the seat. 

We arrived in Eminence around 3 but before this we noticed a sign pointing us to the Ozark National Scenic Riverways. This area is stunning! 

The temperature reached over 100 degrees Farenheit today and I felt like I’d been sprinkled by a watering can because I was soaked with sweat. Arriving in eminence we were relieved to get off the seats and walk away from the bikes. 

Leaner but stronger! 

I came across this little beauty – Mr big eyes Beetles. Beetles fly through the air and when we are cycling fast they can hit us in the face and they feel like small pebbles. 

Look who was playing chicken on the road today. Another saved turtle. 

The b&b is beautiful- Hawkins House on North Main Street offers a great discount to cyclists. 

We met Stanley (who helps to run the b&b) and he offered to wash our clothes. His American accent is definitely more southern sounding compared to just up the road at Houston. 

How beautiful and very welcoming is this lovely b&b. I would highly recommend this to anyone cycling on the Trans Am. 

The bikes are on the porch. 

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