I am cycling from San Fransisco to New York to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. Please dip into your pockets to help make this worthwhile.

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Denville, NJ to New York City, NY baby! 

Day 71 48 Miles  We made it! Exhausted but VERY proud of ourselves. The girl did well! The boy didn't do too badly either.  You came along for the ride and WE ALL had an amazing time.  Our ride from Denville was in part hectic! Cycling on highway 46 alongside...

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Hamburg to Bethlehem,PA.

Day 69 33  Miles  Our morning started in out in a damp tent. As soon as I opened the zip on the tent water dripped on my head.  Tentatively, I crept out because the spiders are huge here! Just last night one ran over the top of the tent. You couldn't miss him. I gave...

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Woods 6 miles East of Shamokin to Hamburg, PA 

Day 68 45 Miles  The first thing to greet me this morning was a bug! He was HUGE and appeared to be having a flipping good time in our tent.  These guys (bugs) sang all night and they sent me into a lullaby slumber.  Back to the bug. Andy got a nudge to sort him out-...

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Woodward to Some Woods 6 miles East of Shamokin,PA

Day 67 60 miles  I woke up puffy eyed and a little damp but ready for a days ride. Eric gave us a call of 'Are you up ' from outside our tent.  We had breakfast together with Eric and Mary-Ellen, Eric cooked and made me a cup of tea which was amazing. I'm not use to...

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Altoona to Woodward,PA 

Day 66 65 Miles After a great night Daisy was packed up because today the bikes were heading to the city. Water and snacks included. Our fan (s) are lining the streets. We called him Ray.  The sunflowers filled the field with colour.  On route the armish people sold...

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